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Traiteur Roland has a range of over 500 products. There is a large selection of meat, cheese, deli and ready to eat dishes. Our certified butchers and our other team members are there to assist you in your choice and to answer to all your questions.

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Our range of beef is very large and of the best quality. We will present to you, among other things, the following beefs:
• The ‘Blue Blanc Belge’
• The Rubia Gallegea
• The Charolais
• The Limousin
• The Gascon
• The Blonde from Aquitaine

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Dry Aged Beef

The Dry-Aged method was introduced in the U.S. when oxen were transported after being slaughtered. These oxen were indeed moved in wagons, in the open air, which caused the loss of the humidity of the meat. The meat was therefore drying naturally. This method consists of a dry maturation. After this natural process, the meat got a very dark colour that was very close to that of the coagulated blood. This black layer is actually very dry and allows the protection and conservation of the inside of the meat.


It was by eating this meat that the carriers were aware of the taste evolution. It was tender as butter and despite its very dark outer colour, it was still red on the inside. In addition, this process accentuated the taste of the meat.

Today, the chemical process of dry aging is known and used by our butchers. Indeed, it is possible to install dry aging chambers, even if the cost is high and optimal conditions for maturation are difficult to obtain.

When placed in the dry aging chamber, the process lasts between 21 and 60 days. It’s really about making the meat rot in a controlled way. This can lead to a weight loss of up to 30%.

In terms of taste, the enzymes present in the meat will break down the muscle tissue. By the loss of moisture and the breakdown of muscle tissue, the concentration of flavours and scent in the remaining meat will increase. The taste will become ever more intense. In the U.S., this is called an “almost gamey” taste.

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Our veal comes from providers in search of optimum quality. The breeding of calves in optimal conditions result in a meat with a lot of taste.

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Traiteur Roland selected a pork breed that is particularly appreciated and distinguished around the world. It is called the “Duroc Pork Olive“. This pig is a descendant of the Red Durocs and the Jersey Red (USA) and is characterized by a red coat and by its hanging ears.

The meat you will find at Traiteur Roland owes its exceptional quality to the cross-breeding between a white rustic sow and a Duroc brown-red boar. The result of this crossover gives more intramuscular fat as well as dark and juicy meat. In order to preserve this flavour, the breeding of the pork is controlled from birth and is done mainly by the drinking of olive oil.

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All of these tasty pieces of lamb meat are available: lamb ribs, lamb crown, lamb leg (fresh and ready to cook), lamb fillet.

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Our poultry comes from a breeding with free roaming. The “RED LABEL” guarantees you quality but also the respect of the environment and the animal well-being.

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In season, you have access to a large selection of game. Traiteur Roland offers you among others:

  • Poultry: Pheasant, Duck, Quail …
  • An assortment of pâtés: deer, pheasant, wood pigeon, partridge, hare, wild boar …
  • Fresh Meat: Deer, Wild Boar, Roe …
  • Dishes ready to eat: Fillet of pheasant, Filet of wild boar, Fillet of deer …

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Traiteur Roland is THE BBQ specialist. Several formulas of BBQ are proposed to you, at attractive prices, all of this in order to facilitate the organization of a BBQ.

The Junior BBQ is specially designed for the kids. Our selection of kebabs allows you to prepare your “à la carte” BBQ.

You can choose from our assortment of BBQ salads: the “Classic” and “Gourmet” formulas. They are here to complete your BBQ.

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Our “Fondue Mix” consists of an assortment of juicy and tender meats of first quality, cut into cubes.

This tray is garnished in a festive way and is composed of the following meats:

  • Beef
  • Veal
  • Chicken
  • And an assortment of Meatballs

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Stone Grill

Assortment of extremely tender meat sliced by us to cook on a hot stone. The tray is garnished with top quality meat such as:

  • Beef
  • Veal cutlets
  • Chicken cutlets
  • Mini Chipolata
  • Mini skewers

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Traiteur Roland offers different formulas: Classic, Italian, Game, Tasting and our specialty: Gourmet Tasting DRY AGED.

For the kids we offer the JUNIOR Gourmet.

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Swiss cheese for Raclette accompanied by deli such as:

  • Grison meat
  • Noix de Savoie
  • Smoked ham
  • Pure pork sausage

Beautifully presented on a tray with garnish.

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Surprise Breads

Our surprise breads are composed of 35 up to 85 mini sandwiches. You can choose between different formulas: Budget, Classic, Style, Master Cheese, Breughel, Italian, Fisherman or Roland.

Each surprise bread contains mini sandwiches filled with (among others) crab salad, lobster salad, duck mousse, brie, mozzarella and Parma ham and smoked salmon. These mini sandwiches are also garnished with crudity or sauce depending on the accompaniment.

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Cold buffet

Our cold buffets are really delicious and hearty. Starting from 8 people, you can choose between different formulas: Buffet Roland, Buffet Elegance, Italian Buffet, Prestige Buffet, Buffet Show Deluxe with, among others, Lobster “Belle Vue”.

Select your own salads from our elaborate salads list.

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Warm buffet

We can offer you a warm buffet, starting from 10 people.

You can select your own hot dishes from our elaborate list of dishes. In addition, our buffets are accompanied by mashed potatoes, Gratin Dauphinois or Rice.

The Italian buffet offers Penne Arabiata, Lasagne, Tagliatelle with Scampi and Saffron, Saltimbocca à La Romana, Cannelloni and Osso Bucco.

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Our range of appetizers is very varied. Make your choice between Cold Toasts, Chinese Spoons or garnished appetizer Glasses.

We also offer Basic and Deluxe tapas, as well as our appetizer Plate and Antipasti Plate.

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To finish your lunch or dinner, Traiteur Roland offers a selection of sweets. Starting from 6 people.

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Walking dinner

It’s up to you to compose your Walking Dinner, by selecting 4 dishes from our elaborate list. We offer you, among others:

  • Gray shrimps à l’Ostendaise
  • Goat cheese with honey
  • Pomodori with basil
  • Vegetable tartare
  • Magic Roast beef
  • Gazpacho
  • Funny Tarama
  • Trendy Scottish
  • Nordic salmon
  • Mini chicken skewers
  • Mini skewers of mozzarella
  • Mini fantasy skewers
  • Crayfish
  • Tuna with pesto
  • Tapas del mare

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Cheese platter

Delicious assortment of cheeses of various origins prepared on a platter accompanied by fruit, nuts and dried fruit. These platters are available as a complete meal or as a dessert.

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Ready to Cook

You can find a large assortment of ready-to-cook dishes. Make your choice out of dozens of dishes. Among others:  Swiss Steak, Tartare d’Anvers, Minced Beef, Burgers, Stuffed Bell Peppers etc.

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Ready to Eat

Easy, comfortable and lots of choice: the list of ready to eat meals is very long. Some possibilities are:

  • Vol-au-Vent
  • Waterzooi
  • Coq au Vin
  • Sesame beef
  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Cooked salmon
  • Veal stew

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Our specials

Rediscover the taste of grandparents’ kitchen thanks to quality products selected and processed in our kitchens according to traditional recipes. We are especially renowned in Brussels for our Choucroute Maison and our range of sausages.

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In collaboration with Dewit Wines, we have selected an assortment of wines each with great taste.

For each product, we offer you an accompanying wine. We have white, rosé, red and sparkling wines.

Discover our Winelist.

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